About Bogense Plast

We create opportunities
- in a future with a green agenda

We specialize in the development, design, production, assembly, and delivery of injection molded plastic components.

About us

Bogense Plast A/S was founded in 1979 and has subsequently undergone a very positive development so that, today, the company is considered one of the country's leading independent plastics industries. Bogense Plast employs 100 people in the production of high-quality plastic workpieces – from machine parts to well-known design products. The production is characterized by new technology, order, and systematics.

Business area

Refinement of thermoplastics by injection molding.

Assembly and processing.

Consulting and development


Conventional injection molding

Advanced contexts

Multi-component molding

Process automation

IT systems


Denmark 50%

Export 50%

USA, China, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia,
England, France, Holland

Factory area

10.000 m2


35 tons – 500 tons

6-axis industrial robots

4/6-axis workpiece robots

Raw material consumption

2000 tons/year

Vision, mission, and values

Bogense Plast's vision

It is our vision for Bogense Plast to be the market's obvious choice as a business partner. We want to show that plastic production in Denmark is not only profitable but also sensible. We want to show plastic as a good, cheap, flexible, and environmentally friendly material.

Bogense Plast's mission

We will fulfill our vision by ensuring the greatest possible value creation for the customer through effective interaction between the unique properties of the plastic materials, creative staff, and advanced technology.

We want to expand selectively and to be one of the absolutely leading companies in the Danish market. Through high efficiency and employee satisfaction, we want generate revenue that will enable us to invest in employees and new technologies to continue to be able to offer the best services to our customers, both locally and globally.

Openness and closeness to our customers and suppliers as well as building and maintaining relationships must be characteristic of doing business with Bogense Plast A/S.

Bogense Plast's values

Our values at Bogense Plast bind us together and express who we are:


Because we are and want to be proud of our company, our employees, and our products.


Because we deliver thoroughly prepared solutions that provide high quality and a high level of service.


Because we listen, learn, share, and make room for others.


Because we believe that more perspectives deliver better results.


Because we want long-term relationships.

Our customers

Our customers are all globally represented and develop and manufacture advanced technical products for industries within megatrends such as electrification, energy efficiency and consumption registration, wind power, as well as hospital and nursing. The company's direct export share accounts for 50% of all sales and is expected to increase in the future.

We are proud to obtain
renewed certification to ISO9001:2015

Not only does it demonstrate our consistent and stable processes. It is also a cornerstone in demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement journey.

The certificate is issued by Bureau Veritas with whom we have an effective cooperation providing a circulation in competent auditors.

They ensure that we are always constructively challenged on our processes and metrics.

This time we have decided to up the game with them and introduce our new scope to reflect our mindset and ambition.

We want to be, in trusting cooperation with our ambitious customers, the future of innovating plastics.

Therefore please welcome the new scope of Bogense Plast:

Creating better opportunities for future generations by supporting the global markets for sustainable energy, healthcare and climate solutions.

Shaping the future of tools, parts and processes for injection molding.

Supporting customer supply chains by warehouse management, sub-assembly, system integration and global distribution.

Future: We look forward to working with you.

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