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A future with a green agenda

Sustainable production

Bogense Plast wants to ensure future generations better opportunities than we had ourselves. Therefore, environmental considerations have always been a high priority in all our business phases. We think about the environment when we develop, produce, and distribute. Plastic is one of the most environmentally friendly materials when manufactured, used, and recycled properly.

Product development environment

How we consider the environment in terms of product development:

  • Which material is best suited for the finished product and its use?
  • How do we create an opportunity for recycling of the product, gate, and waste?
  • How do we save materials and energy throughout the process through optimum design and process selection?

Plastic production environment

How we consider the environment in terms of production:

  • We continuously reduce our energy consumption and thus ensure a minimal carbon footprint. 
  • We invest in proven and energy-optimal technologies such as electrical and servo hydraulic machines, frequency controlled technical installations and the recovery of excess heat from the processes. 
  • We continuously review the production processes with a focus on energy – and material saving. 
  • We plan our operation and design the factory infrastructure to optimise energy consumption on internal transport. 
  • We handle our production waste differently and ensure that residual waste is collected and treated without impact on the environment.

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