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We understand quality as the sum of the properties of our products, delivery and documentation,
and the way in which these contribute to meeting our customers’ needs.

General quality objectives

Bogense Plast must produce and deliver products and services at a quality level that satisfies the customers' requirements and expectations within our area of competence.

Bogense Plast must appear as an attractive and credible collaboration and savings partner.

Bogense Plast must deliver an acceptable financial return.

Bogense Plast must maintain an organization in which both human resources and professional competence thrive and develop.

Bogense Plast will comply with regulatory requirements, including environmental and safety requirements.

Quality policies


Our customers are Bogense Plast's most important success factor and the reason our company exists. Their needs and expectations must be translated into clear-cut information and specifications that ensure that we continuously adapt our technologies and services so that we can always deliver in accordance with agreements and expectations.


Through communication, information, education and training, the organization must be able to participate in the change that our organization is constantly undergoing to adapt to developments in ourselves, our customers, and our environment.

Quality management

Quality management must be implemented with a focus on preventive activities and timely corrective actions. We must ensure that we continuously improve systems as well as processes, technologies, and services.

Our employees

Our employees are Bogense Plast's most important resource for meeting customers' requirements and expectations as well as for realizing the company's goals.


Documentation of quality must be done using objective methods that are recognized by our customers.


Arbejdstilsynet Smiley

Bureau Veritas

Operation Clean Sweep


Stricter requirements from export customers for certificates on the raw materials that Bogense Plast uses in its products, as well as the desire for documentation that any raw materials used are as agreed in the specifications, have formed the basis for our decision to collaborate with the an internationally recognized organization, UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES (UL).

Upon approved auditing, Bogense Plast is now covered by UL's traceability system, which is described in more detail in the Standard for Polymeric Materials (Fabricated Parts, UL 746D). Bogense Plast thus has a system that ensures traceable documentation of raw materials used. Packaging that contains products covered by UL's approvals will be labelled if the customer so wishes.

A future with a green agenda

Sustainable production

Bogense Plast wants to ensure future generations better opportunities than we had ourselves. Therefore, environmental considerations have always been a high priority in all our business phases. We think about the environment when we develop, produce, and distribute. Plastic is one of the most environmentally friendly materials when manufactured, used, and recycled properly.

Product development environment

How we consider the environment in terms of product development:

  • Which material is best suited for the finished product and its use?
  • How do we create an opportunity for recycling of the product, gate, and waste?
  • How do we save materials and energy throughout the process through optimum design and process selection?

Plastic production environment

How we consider the environment in terms of production:

  • We must continuously reduce energy consumption. Frequency converters have already reduced consumption by 30-40%
  • We always choose low-energy consumption when purchasing machines and equipment.
  • We regularly review the production processes with a focus on energy and material savings.
  • We have equipped our refrigeration system with heat recovery.
  • We constantly focus on reducing and recycling all waste. For example, with the help of integrated grinders, we can reuse the gates directly in the process.

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